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Stay Together. Stay at Home. Stay Active
Importance of amenities in our residential society

Remember the days when we spent our days meeting deadlines at work, shuffling the kids to and from school, music or sport activities, and everything in between - we always hoped to have the chance to actually sit down for a meal or listen to our favorite song, or have a meaningful conversation with family.

We probably wished we had more time to cook healthy delicious meals, workout, watched our favorite movies, or a playful few more hours with the kids, but all this sounded like a mission impossible with the ordinary, super busy lives we led before 25th march 2020.

And then #21dayLockdown of the whole country was announced. The need of the hour is such that we practice #socialdistancing and stay indoors to ensure the spread of COVID19 is stopped. This suddenly opened a window of a sudden opportunity for many of us to do what once seemed like a mission impossible.

Enhance skills, knowledge and our overall wellness.

Many of us just didn't realise where to start and soon it started sinking and slowly our desires of using this time started becoming more engaging and productive. While many of us are working from home to ensure our customers and teams stay connected, in these testing times we are trying to do what it takes for us to be resourceful for our companies.

People who stay in larger communities which have larger open spaces, best recreational spaces, outdoor amenities have started looking at ways how they can be of help to one another without coming out of their homes. There is faith and a sense of security that if any need or emergency arises there are many families around who would be willing to offer help as compared to people living in independent homes. Whatever the situation, we have to stay calm and stay safe.

Let's together use this time to bond with our immediate family and get more familiar with our distant family. Instead of worrying, lets stay positive and thank god for keeping us alive and healthy.