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Our Home, My Design

"The colours and design of a home is a reflection of us, the people who live inside."

As much critical that it is for all of us to finalise our home in a location of our choice in the desired city, its equally challenging to design it too. No matter how big and spacious our apartment is, we always find it challenging unless we think smartly. Our families will have a different opinion of how to treat the walls, the windows, type of curtains, furniture and so on with suggestions that are unending. Hence, it helps to make a checklist of the important things that we have to consider:

Allowing for natural light as much as possible: this not only makes our room look bigger but also adds to the beauty. So, always watch out for the big windows in the room and use flowing fabric curtains using lighter shades for that special feel and look. Green Buildings mostly take care of this feature.

Choosing furniture that reflects our personality: always choose sofas and chairs with raised legs which allows light to pass through making the room look spacious and airy. Use some of the seating which has storage space as this not only gives space but makes it look elegant and attractive.

Paint the walls: Paint color can make your room look smaller or bigger. So, choosing from the many different color options can become confusing or difficult. Dark shades may be dominating while neutral colors in spite of being dull and boring may let the room look airy and spacious. So, we could use the combination of these colors to give the desired different feel to our home.

Artwork for the floor: A layer of sophistication helps, we can use rugs which help define different areas within our home space as well as add a pop of color, pattern and texture.

Let the wall speak our life's best moments: The use of photo frames as a collage or a single big frame can surely give life to the whole room. Each frame would have a story to tell about our journey and we surely would like to proudly share it with our family and guests.

Bedrooms for a comfy time and sleep: After a hectic day, we all need a space to come home to that'll give us total relaxation. It helps to invest in a comfy mattress, soft rugs, cosy linens, and lots of throw pillows.

Our Home should tell the story of who we are and be a collection of what we love, so its really important to spend some time on how we want to design each corner of our home.