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Space for our kids to Grow & Engage

There is nothing more important than to give the kids enough space to grow and engage with other kids and environment.

As per the research conducted by National Trust in the recent past indicates that today the children spend half the time playing outside than their parents used to do.

Remember the times when we were kids, we had so much of open space around us. All games were mostly outdoors as compared to today where the kids today are stuck to the digital gadgets. Its important to give our kids an environment where they get a sense of openness and not just bound to the four walls of our homes. Today the times are such that kids in very early age demand their own space within the home which they call their own. Its important, as it allows to bring out the best of themselves, imagine and be creative. While choosing a home, we very carefully look at things like how far is the School, Mall or other Entertainment zones which is a priority for our kids.

With both parents working, it does get challenging to keep the kids occupied in a meaningful way. So, it becomes even more important to give the space our kids need. First let's look at our home layout and the overall space we have within. Does it allow for our kids to keep their items which would keep them engaged rather than just sitting all the time with gadgets like I Pads, TV etc. Make a mini library where they can keep their desired books, make an activity corner where can indulge in painting, drawing, puzzles, with much more. Having wide windows which allow natural light and ventilation also plays a very important role. More often its seen that when kids have their own space, they like to invite their friends over. By this, they not only get the company at home, but even their friends indulge in more creative activities.

Now coming to what kind of environment is their for our kids immediate outside the four walls of our home. Its time to add the fun element. Are the common corridors wide enough with good natural light and ventilation or are they dark and narrow? There are many residential projects which create green open spaces and have large outdoor kid's activity areas like outdoor sports, swimming pool, kids play area, cycling path, common space for indoor activities like carom, chess, table tennis etc. These activities not only keep our kids involved in activities which allows their brain cells to grow but also enhances their talent. Such spaces enhance their focus skills and increases their motivation levels. Today while designing projects many real estate developers like G: Corp Developers from Bengaluru, keep children friendly spaces in mind at the initial planning stage of design. The more such features, the more we see families looking to buy and make that as their desired home. Not to forget, its equally important to look at the kind of safety provisions which are made both inside and outside our homes to ensure our kids feel safe. So next time we buy a home, we should look at beyond just a kid play area and the four walls of our apartment layout.

It's a blessing to see our kids grow up and now let's give them an environment which aides in their growth further.