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One Step at a Time
Importance of amenities in our residential society

"If you do not like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

Our lives have changed drastically since March 2020. No more Monday blues, no more looking forward to a long weekend, no more long hour board room meetings, no rush to get the kids ready to school so that they do not miss the school bus. This is just a list of few things that has been replaced with being at home and managing kids education routine, office work, with much more. Earlier we had a routine which we were fine with and had adjusted to as that routine had days where we could break it by socializing, long drives, holidays, movies with much more fun activities. I must say that now our daily routine is the same for last couple of months and does not look like it's going to change very soon.

Sitting in the balcony, looking at the same view for months, not visiting the neighbors, hesitating to invite anyone home even if they knock on the door, handling a fear which deep down is troublesome. But in spite of all this, I see some good things happening in my life and what I hear around. This time has made me realize how important its to take a step back and think. Its not just thinking on what to do the whole day, manage work from home, routine household stuff, but also on various aspects of how life has been.

The journey from Old Normal to Current Normal and to the New Normal in future would require all of us to be ready for adapting ourselves in many ways.

Amidst this situation what good has happened is that al members of the family have come more closer as we are spending good quality time, having meals together, extending helping hand in all possible ways. Digital communication has become an integral part of our lives, celebrating festivals, birthdays, anniversaries through these digital platforms like Google Duo, Google Meet, Whats app video calling, Facebook, Instagram has added a lot of excitement.

Even the companies have started exploring all digital platforms more actively than the regular ATL/ BTL activities. While the customers are unable to move out of home, payment gateway has given comfort and made it convenient for them to make timely payments. One of the company that I know, G:corp Developers has recently introduced the payment gateway facility on their website and also displayed all their available apartments. This feature ensures customers to continue their search for a comfortable home even during this pandemic situation.

Let's live our life with all positivity with this 'New Normal' routine till a vaccine or medicine is announced. Take charge of the well-being of self and family. Plan and prepare today so that we can have a better improved tomorrow.