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A lot has changed with changing times with the roles and perseverance of women in today’s society. Role which were defined for women upto late 90’s was to keep the house spik and span, needs to be good cook and must do all possible chores of the house without any complain or have say in any kind of decisions or changes in the house, this role was defined irrespective you are bread winner or complete home maker.

Have women come really long way, from the roles they have played?

Yes, Women of 20th century believe in up-liftment, education and supporting not just themselves but other women too. Women have realized their dream and aim to focus on that and try to meet 200% demanding time towards it, while playing different roles, women are able to accomplish multiple things. Today they have aspirations of being self-desired than to form an image of others desirable woman to be. They are more confident, self-sufficient, more confident, aware and financially independent.

Home is an integral part of any couple who start a life together. In the past any decision of buying a home, women were never consulted but today women play an integral role in any such buying decision. Many surveys have revealed that women are main influencers in making a decision while buying a home. Yet another survey also shared that 62% women chose housing as their preferred asset class, which was even more than men. Further Government has made many provisions for the benefit of women at large.

Buying real estate has its own advantages for women today. Below are few of them:

Sense of security and stability:

Real estate is considered the most stable investment for women which gives them a sense of security and a feeling of belongingness. Its also a moment of pride and accomplishment which they cherish always.

Financial Independence:

In olden days women were asked to leave the house if they did not obey the family members. But today, women are independent and earning their own livelihood. This makes them financially independent. Buying a home adds to their financial stability as its considered to be a safe investment which also comes with many subsidies and tax rebates.


If the property/ real estate is registered in women’s name, rebates like below can be availed by women:

  • Lower stamp duty and registration charges in many Indian States
  • Lower home loan interest rates offered by many banks to women
  • Increase in home loan eligibility
  • Income tax benefit even if the home is owned jointly by men and women
  • Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), the government has made it mandatory that property bought under the scheme, must be registered in the name of at least one woman in the household
  • Rebate in property tax in certain municipal corporations

Women today are challenging themselves in every field, attaining success, living their dreams of tomorrow and making them happen. They either find a way to make things happen for them or make their own way. Either ways they deserve every bit of encouragement.