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Integerated townships, future of real estate

In a city like Bangalore, constant change in technology is witnessed and not just in technology, changes are happening in almost everything like lifestyle, food, working, infrastructures, everything is evolving with time. There is a common saying that if you don’t change you won’t survive, it is true, with changing times you need to adapt the possible alternatives to enhance your lifestyle. People used to live in independent colonies, the trend shifted from independent houses to flats, Flats were modified and gated communities were built, now what’s next?. The answer is Integrated Townships. This trend is popular and predicted as the future of the Real Estate Industry. Integrated townships are having the best flats in Bangalore for sale.

What is an Integrated Township?

They are an agglomeration of residential and commercial businesses including infrastructure such as roads, top schools, best hospitals, shopping malls, water treatment plants, and drainage and sewage facilities. With urban areas getting more congested and falling constantly short of the future growth potential, integrated townships have been precisely identified as a potential solution.

Integrated townships are conceptualized as models of a city, a mini-city inside a city. It seems confusing right? they are designed in a way that an individual need not go outside to look for any facility, from home to office everything will be at your doorstep. These townships usually have a lower Floor Space Index (FSI) than other residential townships and have more open spaces. As per state regulation, 100 acres is usually the minimum required land for integrated townships.

Why you should Invest in Integrated Township?

As the lifestyle is getting too frenetic and busy, people find it very difficult to live in a place that is too far from their Office. In Bangalore where traffic is an issue, Waiting for long hours, traveling several km for school, hospitals, etc. all of them acts as big struggles of life. Hence, integrated townships are much preferred for investment as it prevents you from such hassles. Some common USP of Integrated township are-

  • Proximity to everything
  • Higher appreciation value
  • Modern Facilities
  • Sustainability options
  • More Open Space
  • Peaceful Living

Benefits of Integrated Townships

#1. Diverse Housing Projects

The minimum requirement for an integrated township is 100 acres, you can imagine if the lower limit is that huge, where will the upper limit lie. The integrated township involves every segment like Affordable Housing, Luxury apartments, Penthouses, Villas, for every income group. All the segments have their own USPs. Integrated townships are the mini world itself. All the people will have access to hospitals, Malls, Schools, and other social infrastructures that are included in the integrated township.

#2. Children will live a better Childhood

Well, it is hard to deny the fact that integrated townships are stupendous places to raise kids, With amenities like different playgrounds, swimming pools, Playschools, green parks, and many more facilities that keep your child entertained and active every day, and give them a clean and eco-friendly environment where they can run around freely and enjoy their childhoods the way they ought to be enjoyed.

In counter to Integrated townships, G Corp Bella Agio is a township that is delivering ultra-luxury apartments in Mumbai which is a paradise for luxury living. Having a residence at such a place will create a huge change in your child’s life.

#3. The solution to Urban Governance

The very concept of Integrated Townships points out to a self-sufficient and self-managed urban living ecosystem. From sustainable provisions like wastewater treatment plants and rainwater resource management systems to natural electric supply and efficient monitoring surveillance, these townships lessen the burden on local governing bodies on several fronts. Integrated townships create a self-sustaining and prospering community of happy citizens.

#4. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is the foremost reason why homebuyers are attracted to these integrated townships. Being based on the outskirts of cities, these properties are available at much cheaper rates than anything similar inside the city. New apartments in Koramangala are way costlier than these integrated townships. These are the best options for those people who want to reside peacefully and want everything nearby.

#5. Creates Job Opportunities

Sustainable urban growth sought for creating enough employment opportunities not only for the residents but also for the peripheral population. As Integrated Townships aim to create a large number of social infrastructures to give birth to mini-city, it naturally generates employment options in both the skilled and unskilled sectors.

Since these townships are not just residential agglomeration but also the seat for advanced business and commercial activities, the entire region will create room for job opportunities in manufacturing, IT, Sales, Marketing, and many other sectors. Hill Side Pune is a splendid township that is offering Luxury residential projects in Pune, the best place for all the working class.


All the benefits associated with Integrated townships prove that it is the future of the Real Estate Industry. The amount of employment it creates is going to boost the economy of local government. Many government-owned integrated townships are providing homes to the masses at affordable rates. The dream of living in paradise is soon going to be the reality with Integrated Townships.