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How incorporating Vastu & Feng Shui tips imparts positivity in your home

Science and Beliefs are two poles that stand apart from each other as both these have different concepts that do not align with each other. Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are two terms that have blended science and belief so beautifully that people have started considering it as a valuable asset for a pleasant living experience.

Vastu Tips for Positive Home

For a house to convert into a home, it needs to emit the right kind of energy. Based on several traditional beliefs, each home has its energy type. A person living in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field, which in turn influences him in one way or the other be it negative or positive. The Best ready-to-move projects in Bangalore comply with Vastu science.

Vastu Tips for Main Entrance

  • According to Vastu Science, the entrance of the home serves as the entry point for positive energy also.
  • The main door should face north, east, or in the north-east direction, and whenever you step out you must be facing these three directions.
  • The main door should be the biggest among all the doors of the house and should be made of superior quality wood.
  • There has to be a nameplate on the main door decorated with auspicious torans.
  • The door should be well lit and there should be no shoe rack, bathroom, and dustbin near the main door.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  • Color combination and direction are the two key elements for a positive kitchen
  • You can select the combination from shades of yellow, light pink, peach, or brown to brighten the Kitchen area of the house.
  • As the food must be prepared in a positive environment. Hence, the person must face East direction while cooking to ensure good health and positive ambiance. Apartments for sale in Thanisandra Bangalore is having all these basic Vastu considerations to attract customers.
  • According to Vastu Shastra cooking gas burner or induction should be kept in the south-east direction, washbasin or sink should face north-east, and utensils should be kept in south or west direction.
  • Avoid Black and red colors for the kitchen and do not keep dirty utensils overnight.

Vastu Tips for the Bedrooms

  • According to Vastu Science, for improving mental well-being, bringing prosperity, and experiencing sound sleep the bed must be placed in the South or West direction.
  • There should be no mirror in front of you, it is advised to keep the mirror in a direction where you cannot see your impression directly when you are sleeping. The house for sale in Thanisandra Bangalore are designed following these guidelines.
  • There should be no windows directly behind your bed, it is both illogical and inappropriate. The windows should be on the eastern or northern wall.
  • The color combinations should impart warmth, peace, and stability, so the colors should be pink, brown, orange, or white.
  • Do not fill your bedroom with unnecessary stuff, it should possess calmness, so try to have all the things properly placed in the cabinets.

Flats in Bangalore for sale are designed according to Vastu and Feng shui concepts because homebuyers demand these considerations. We have seen how Vastu Shastra works, let us just look at some concepts of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is nothing but the Vastu of China. It revolves around the arrangement of rooms in the house to maintain positive energy in it. Feng shui believes that energy interactions tend to make humans do things positively or negatively. Feng Shui is one of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics also referred to as Physiognomy that deals with the harmony of energy and its impact on the surroundings. Feng Shui works on five elements

  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Metal

Feng Shui Concepts

#1. Make sure your main door doesn’t screech

Just like Vastu, Feng shui believes that the main entrance door is the entry point of positive energy. It is the first and the last thing you go through when you enter and exit your home. Make sure it does not produce a screeching sound, many people become accustomed to this sound that they don’t even care but it should be taken care of by proper oiling of the hinges.

#2. No space between kitchen ceiling and Cabinets

It is advisable to keep no gap between the ceiling and the upper cabinets, the most obvious reason is the accumulation of dust in these areas which creates negativity and creates dead energy that holds you back in life. You should put fill this gap by placing plants(living or artificial), decorative objects, or put lighting in that area.

#3. Use Your Main Entrance always

Many people live in homes where they park their vehicles in the garage and use the back door to get into the house. It is very convenient but from the Feng Shui perspective, this may block good energy and opportunities in your life as the energy should always get in from the main entrance. You should use the main door, The more often the better for your well-being.

#4. Keep the bathroom door closed

The bathroom is one of the major concerns when it comes to Feng Shui. The concept is that the water goes out of the home from here. Since water is linked to wealth, you don’t want your money being flushed away. The bathroom must not be having any leakage and the drainage should be proper, it is a sign of a healthy home.

#5. Bedroom Considerations

Your bedroom represents you and your vibe, so this is a vital area to analyze in a feng shui manner. First, Place your bed in the commanding position. Next, the area under the bed should not be used for storage since you spend a lot of passive time resting and sleeping here, so anything beneath you affects your energy level. You can also add the earth element of Feng shui for convenience and nourishment, put a square earthed tug under your pillow, it helps in sound sleep.


It is quite adamant that Vastu and Feng Shui have linked science with belief and acting dynamically to bring a positive change in homebuyer’s life. All the tips mentioned in the blog are beneficial for a peaceful living and do not require much effort from the individual to work upon them. Vastu and Feng Shui are the major catalysts for booming the sale of apartments.